Custom Retrospective Techniques Now Available in Retrium

Our focus this year is to make Retrium more customizable and collaborative while maintaining the ease-of-use customers have come to expect. Customers tell us that this will drive even more engagement and fun during their Retrium retrospectives, with the goal of bringing out the voice of every participant and helping their teams discuss the most important topics.

Introducing Retrium Organizations

We’ll soon be launching a collection of new features aimed at helping companies use and support Retrium across their company. We call it Retrium Organizations.

Our mission for Retrium has always been to create a retrospective product that’s easy to use and provides a safe place for teams to discuss learnings, issues, and anything else that needs to be addressed. We’ve taken the feedback you’ve shared with us to guide the evolution of Retrium, which balances usability and psychological safety with power and visibility.

What we will accomplish with organizations is the same great product you love for team retrospectives, now with better visibility across your company, simpler permissions, and easier access to team rooms for all.

Retrium Makes the Grade: 100 Top Agile Blogs

We share tips and best practices for retrospectives because we're passionate about helping teams continuously improve. We are always excited to hear about how incorporating these tips has helped you improve your retrospectives. So you can only imagine how excited we were to hear we'd been recognized as #33 on the list of 100 Top Agile Blogs by Luis Goncalves!

Retrospectives Quick Tip: Brainstorm Like Walt Disney

Effective brainstorming is critical in a retrospective. It is the very first thing you do during your retrospectives and serves as the foundation for the discussions that follow. So it’s not unexpected that I’m regularly asked how to have more engaging and effective brainstorm sessions.

Retrospectives Quick Tip: Participate, Facilitate and Alternate

I’m fortunate enough to attend the Retrospectives Facilitators Gathering every year. This year’s Gathering took place last week in the beautiful Berkshires of western Massachusetts and was, as expected, a transformative experience! While there are countless learnings that I look forward to sharing with you, there was one topic we discussed that really stood out to me: how do you balance participation with facilitation when running a retrospective?

Let Your Voice Be Heard: First Annual Agile Retrospectives report

Since our first call for input by way of the survey, we've received a lot of feedback on the Annual Agile Retrospectives Report, or AARR as we've started referring to it at Retrium. We've heard from some folks that there are additional topics that we should be covering; others want to see the survey broken into different sections. Regardless, there is one common theme in the response we've received in our feedback - it's about time! 

While the response we've received has already exceeded our expectations, we decided to extend the deadline to this Friday, May 12 to gather as much feedback as possible. Click here to take the survey now.