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Your team wants to skip the retrospective?? Try these 4 things instead

If you're running retrospectives and your team just doesn't care, whatever you do, don't skip the retrospective!

The 30 Second Retrospective

I was introduced to June by my friend, and virtual collaboration expert, Judy Rees. June and I had a wonderful chat on the phone, during which he introduced me to a fascinating new way of looking at retrospectives. Since then, I couldn't wait to share it with all of you. By way of background, June is the founder of the Korean Agile/XP community and the owner of his own agile consultancy.


Interview with Johanna Rothman

Johanna is known as the “Pragmatic Manager.” Known for her frank advice and humor, Johanna is the author of the Pragmatic Manager newsletter as well as numerous books on agile, estimation, and effective management.  Johanna helps leaders and managers do reasonable things that work.

Interview with Project Manager and Blogger Elizabeth Harrin

Elizabeth Harrin is a career project and program manager. In addition to running the award-winning blog A Girl's Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth is the Director of The Otobos Group (a communications consultancy) and the author of Social Media for Project Managers, Customer-Centric Project Management, and Shortcuts To Success: Project Management in the Real World (now in its second edition). She has been named Computer Weekly's Blogger of the Year and IT Professional Blogger of the Year.

Interview with Agile Coach Kane Mar

Kane Mar is the co-founder and principle consultant for Scrumology. He has been involved in the Agile community since 2001, initially as a developer and later as a professional Scrum Coach and Trainer. Kane Mar studied and worked with Ken Schweber (co-creator of Scrum) and was one of the first accredited Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Trainer worldwide. Kane Mar is highly regarded as one of the most experienced and leading exponents of Scrum.

Interview with Agile Coach Mark Kilby

Mark Kilby is an agile mentor and coach who has played many roles on the software and product lifecycle stage. His passions include serving servant leaders and building sustainable organizations that truly bring value to the people served inside and outside the organization.