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Remote Retrospective Secrets With Derby and Horowitz

It’s a new year and there’s no better time to enhance your next retrospective meeting!

Clarifying Retrium’s Activity-Based Fair Pricing Model

Our goal in regards to pricing has always been to align the price of Retrium with its value. We’ve been working closely with customers over the years to get to a sweet spot, a win-win for everyone. Based on overwhelming feedback, some time ago, we moved to activity-based pricing so that you would only be charged for team rooms in use, and last fall, we lowered the price of Retrium from $49 to $29 per active team room, per month.

Introducing Team Radar Retrospectives in Retrium

Not surprisingly, we love to talk to people about retrospectives, and we’re a bit obsessed with making them as effective as possible. We’ve heard from customers that great retrospectives are those that can engage the team, maintain trust and psychological safety, and allow everyone to equally share their perspective.

During our conversations, we also hear stories of retrospectives that haven’t gone well, and one of the issues that comes up all the time is that retrospectives can become stale.

If team members get bored or retrospectives feel monotonous, this can get in the way of gaining new insights and discussing the most important topics. Because variety can help keep things fun and engaging, we’re excited to talk about the newest additional to Retrium, Team Radars.