Clarifying Retrium’s Activity-Based Fair Pricing Model

Our goal in regards to pricing has always been to align the price of Retrium with its value. We’ve been working closely with customers over the years to get to a sweet spot, a win-win for everyone. Based on overwhelming feedback, some time ago, we moved to activity-based pricing so that you would only be charged for team rooms in use, and last fall, we lowered the price of Retrium from $49 to $29 per active team room, per month.

Introducing Team Radar Retrospectives in Retrium

Not surprisingly, we love to talk to people about retrospectives, and we’re a bit obsessed with making them as effective as possible. We’ve heard from customers that great retrospectives are those that can engage the team, maintain trust and psychological safety, and allow everyone to equally share their perspective.

During our conversations, we also hear stories of retrospectives that haven’t gone well, and one of the issues that comes up all the time is that retrospectives can become stale.

If team members get bored or retrospectives feel monotonous, this can get in the way of gaining new insights and discussing the most important topics. Because variety can help keep things fun and engaging, we’re excited to talk about the newest additional to Retrium, Team Radars.

Meet the Retrium Team at Agile 2018

This week is the 2018 Agile Conference in San Diego, and we’ll be there to talk about all aspects of retrospectives. Additionally, we have a few exciting announcements to share.

First, for all new and existing customers, Retrium Team Room Edition is now just $29 per active team room, per month. This new price is available starting today, so it’s a great time to try Retrium (if you haven’t yet) or to share Retrium with a friend or colleague.

maintain anonymity, INCREASE COLLABORATION and more during retrospectives

The recent release of Organizations was the most significant change we’ve made to Retrium since we started. Not only did it make it easier for customers to manage access to Retrium and gain more visibility into usage, but it also made it so that we can release features even faster. Win-win!

We’re addressing the top requested customer features with the goal of making meetings in Retrium the most customizable and collaborative retrospective experience possible. We're also working to ensure that we use industry best practices in our app, so you can be certain your Retrium-powered retrospectives are in alignment with the processes suggested by Agile experts.

With all this in mind, we released custom column-based retrospective techniques a few weeks ago, and now we’re releasing more features that address the most pressing needs of all our customers.

Custom Retrospective Techniques Now Available in Retrium

Our focus this year is to make Retrium more customizable and collaborative while maintaining the ease-of-use customers have come to expect. Customers tell us that this will drive even more engagement and fun during their Retrium retrospectives, with the goal of bringing out the voice of every participant and helping their teams discuss the most important topics.

Introducing Retrium Organizations

We’ll soon be launching a collection of new features aimed at helping companies use and support Retrium across their company. We call it Retrium Organizations.

Our mission for Retrium has always been to create a retrospective product that’s easy to use and provides a safe place for teams to discuss learnings, issues, and anything else that needs to be addressed. We’ve taken the feedback you’ve shared with us to guide the evolution of Retrium, which balances usability and psychological safety with power and visibility.

What we will accomplish with organizations is the same great product you love for team retrospectives, now with better visibility across your company, simpler permissions, and easier access to team rooms for all.