The 30 Second Retrospective

I was introduced to June by my friend, and virtual collaboration expert, Judy Rees. June and I had a wonderful chat on the phone, during which he introduced me to a fascinating new way of looking at retrospectives. Since then, I couldn't wait to share it with all of you. By way of background, June is the founder of the Korean Agile/XP community and the owner of his own agile consultancy.


Why good retrospectives balance informal and formal communication

If you’re writing a professional email to a colleague, you probably wouldn’t start with “Heyyyy” or “What’s up?” You’re more likely to start with “Dear” or “Good morning.”

10 Ways to Improve Virtual Collaboration

When the content manager for SEO agency SimpleTiger asked to go to Thailand for a month, the answer was pretty simple: as long as you have Internet access.