Let Your Voice Be Heard: First Annual Agile Retrospectives report

Since our first call for input by way of the survey, we've received a lot of feedback on the Annual Agile Retrospectives Report, or AARR as we've started referring to it at Retrium. We've heard from some folks that there are additional topics that we should be covering; others want to see the survey broken into different sections. Regardless, there is one common theme in the response we've received in our feedback - it's about time! 

While the response we've received has already exceeded our expectations, we decided to extend the deadline to this Friday, May 12 to gather as much feedback as possible. Click here to take the survey now. 

Lean, experiments & hypotheses: How Retrospectives Facilitate Learning

You're facilitating a retrospective. You're creating action items to ensure the team walks away with tasks to help us improve. But a simple question reveals there are different interpretations to the same discussion and action item. Sound familiar?

From Anecdotes to Facts: The First Annual Agile Retrospectives Report

There are several Agile retrospective quotes that have stuck with me over the years. These retrospective quotes range from the importance of retrospectives as the real catalyst for continuous improvement in scrum to the fact that people struggle with holding effective retrospectives so much that the decision is often made to no longer have retrospectives. And the challenges teams face in retrospectives are just as varied.